EnCase® eDiscovery is our industry leading electronic discovery (e-discovery) solution addressing the end-to-end e-discovery needs of corporations and government agencies. This comprehensive and scalable solution for effectively managing electronically stored documents in litigation, arbitration, and internal or regulatory investigations significantly reduces the risk and cost associated with e-discovery.

  • Rapidly acquire data from the widest variety of devices
  • Unearth potential evidence with disk-level forensic analysis
  • Produce comprehensive reports on your findings
  • Maintain the integrity of your evidence in a format the courts have come to trust
  • Collect, aggregate and baseline all endpoint activity
  • Proactively address the gaps in your security framework
  • Detect unknown risks or threats even before data exfiltration has begun
  • Respond to any events for validation
  • Automate the recovery of endpoints to a trusted state through remediation
  • Reduce costs and improve efficiencies with a centralized digital investigation capability
  • Increase confidence in findings by using the #1 solution for remote investigations
  • Achieve compliance with regulatory investigation requirements
  • Uncover potential evidence faster than ever using advanced searching capabilities
  • Improve efficiency by automating common investigation tasks